Press Flowers

Go for a nature walk and collect flowers/leaves for pressing. Even just a stroll around the backyard is a great way to get exercise, some Vitamin D, and is a great source of conversation starters.  Use your surroundings to ask the person about their favorite type of weather, what types of flowers are in the garden/what they planted years ago, and what their favorite flowers are.  Smell the flowers and feel the texture of the different leaves.  Bring a basket and collect whatever looks interesting, you can always throw out any excess once you get home (and if necessary, when the person isn’t looking). 

If there are other people or animals outside, use them as a conversation starter, too. For examples, if there are children, what might they be doing?  Walking home from school?  Did you walk home from school?  What was your favorite subject in school?  Your least favorite?

When you’re done with your walk, sit down and sort through your leaves and flowers.  After making sure your flora and fauna are dry, place the flowers between sheets of newspaper.  Then place the newspaper inside a phone book, dictionary, or other heavy book.  Make sure no petals or stems are overlapping.  Place other heavy books or any other weighted object on top of the book containing the flowers.  Wait three days, then remove the pressed, dried flowers.  You can use them as gifts or decorations, but that’s another activity….

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