Fold Laundry

Often, people with memory loss have the desire to help around the house, even if doing so is difficult.  Sometimes, they don’t want to engage in what we might consider much more fun activities because they feel like they have chores to complete.  If this is true for you, try giving the person with memory loss laundry to fold.  If it’s the household laundry, great!  That’s one less thing on your to-do list. 

If for whatever reason you don’t want them to fold the “real” laundry because they misplace it, hold on to items that aren’t theirs, etc., give them a basket of clothes you would normally donate to good will or the spare set of towels. 

 Folding is great exercise for the arms and hands and is a chore that is stored in the long term memory, meaning even people with significant memory impairments can remember how to do it.  If the person likes feeling useful, they can eve fold the laundry multiple times a day.  Just wait a few minutes, unfold the laundry out of their sight, and re-present it.


  1. Angela P. said

    This is a great suggestion which many caregivers will be able to use. People with memory loss may also enjoy feeling the variety of fabrics and textures found in the laundry.

  2. Marian Battersby said

    I have also suggested baking cookies with clients. Buy the rolled dough. Have them make the cookie balls-who cares if they are different sizes. Baking brings a wonderful smell and eating the fruits of their labor is a great boost for feeling worthwhile!

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