Make A Rag Wreath

This is a super easy, super inexpensive project that can look quite lovely. In fact, if you get good enough, maybe you can open your own store, such as this one online. Or maybe you can just buy one online and tell everyone you made it. Your secret is safe with me!


1. Take a hanger, leave the hook on, and shape the hanger into a circle (or any other shape you like). Use duct tape to secure the circle and to keep sharp edges from cutting anyone

2. Cut your fabric into 1×6 inch strips.

3. Tie the strips onto the hanger sliding them tightly together as you go.

4. Once you can’t squeeze anymore strips on, fluff the wreath to make it nice and full.

5. If desired, cover the hook with ribbon/fabric, gluing it in place. 6. Add other embellishments, such as bows, flowers, etc if desired.

7. Display with pride. These make great gifts and the best part is you can make one for every season and holiday.


The activity can be modified to be easier by making the wreath smaller, by pre-cutting the fabric, making the fabric strips fatter, or even by having the person with memory loss choose the colors and the order they are put on the wreath. Even someone in the severe stages of the disease might like feeling the different textures of the fabric and can enjoy a cheerful addition to the home.

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