Wash the Car

This is a fun activity on a warm, sunny day.  Just grab some soap, a rag or sponge, and a hose and you’re ready to go!  You can modify the activity as needed to make it easier for creaky joints or unsteady feet.  For example, you can spray the car and have the individual wipe it with the sponge, or let the person hose off the car while sitting in a chair while you do the scrubbing.  Even if the person can’t manually participate, appoint them “supervisor” and have them sit in a chair and enjoy the sun and the view of you working!

This activity is great for reminiscing. Questions to get the conversation going include:

What was your first car?

How did you clean your car, at home or at a car wash?

How much did gas cost when you were 16?

What would be your “dream” car?

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