Celebrate a Birthday

birthday cake 296x300 Choosing Creative Birthday Cakes

Birthdays don’t have to come just once a year. If the person with memory loss is no longer oriented to the date, his or her birthday can be any day of the year!  If a dessert looks good at the store, buy it and create a birthday for someone in the house.  Light candles, sing “Happy Birthday,” and make a birthday wish.  You can even wrap small trinkets to unwrap.  Even those who can’t always speak in sentences are often able to remember the lyrics to songs from their youth.  Even if they can’t sing along, it’s always fun to be part of the party!  (Editor’s note:  From ages 5-10, every time my parents brought home a “bumpy cake” from Awrey’s, I made everyone sing happy birthday to me.  If those had all been real birthdays, I would be twice as old as I am now…)

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