Write Your Memoirs

Memory loss robs not only the individual of memories, but robs families of their history as well, so why not preserve that history by writing it down?  You don’t have to go as far as this writer’s grandmother did and actually publish the book,



just keep it for the generations  to come.  Need help getting started?  Try checking out:




or read Bite-size piece of my past: writing your life story in digestible chunks by

Andrea Bargsley Vincent,Bloomington,IN: Trafford Publishing, 2006.


There are also some fun memoir-geneology activities at http://writeyourmemoir.com/.


If you don’t like to write or if the disease is in the more moderate stages, try audio or video recording your memoirs.  Family members can help the person with memory loss by asking questions or giving prompts.  Not sure where to start, this site can give you some hints.




(Editor’s note:  My grandmother did not have memory loss, nor is she currently alive to profit from sales of the book.  All available copies are used.  However, it does not make the fact that my grandmother wrote and published a book in her mid-60’s any less awesome. Plus, she would think it was really cool that I “plugged” her book).

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