Roll Change

Long before Coinstar, if you wanted to get rid of your loose change, you rolled it and took it to the bank.  If you have someone who is looking for something to do, particularly someone who wants to feel helpful, why not skip the trip to Coinstar and have them roll your change instead?  You can get free rolls from the bank and go to town! 

Worried that the rolls might not come out exactly right? Don’t worry, when you turn them in, most banks re-check them with their own mechanized counting device.  Or, if the person really likes the activity, why not just empty the rolls while they’re not looking and have them re-roll the change over and over. 

If counting/rolling is too hard, simply have the person sort them into type of coin instead. It still gives them a sense of purpose and can be a jumping off point for conversation.  For example, what could a quarter buy when you were young, versus what will that same item cost you today?

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