Dancing is a great form of exercise, whether done with a partner or all by yourself.  Why not put on some old classics and make your living room a dance hall.  You might be surprised how lyrics and dance steps thought to be long forgotten are suddenly remembered once the music is on.  Even if the person can no longer do a perfectCharleston(or if you can’t!), that’s okay.  Just enjoy getting up and moving.  If the person is wheelchair or bed bound, grab their arms and dance in place.  Lots of important life events feature dancing, so see what memories come up.  Questions to ask: 

What was your wedding song? 

Did you go to any high school or USO dances? With who?

Who was your favorite singer/group?  Why?

Did you see anyone in concert when you were young? 

Who do you wish you had seen, but didn’t?


***Note: Please do not begin break-dancing, like this gentleman, without clearing it with your doctor first!***


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