Play Tiddly Winks


Tiddlywinks is a game played with colored plastic disks and a small cup.  The object is to land the small disks or “winks” in the cup by pressing on them with a larger disk called a “squidger.”

Game play is simple** for beginners:

1. Place the scoring mat on a table with the cup in the center.

2. Each player picks a color (or two, if desired)

3. Decide who goes first.  This is traditionally done by each player trying to get one “wink” into the cup.  Whoever gets closest gets to go first, but it’s your house, so feel free to determine the first player however you want.

4.  Each player takes turns trying to get their “wink” in the cup.  The winner is the first person to get all their winks in the cup, or the person with the most winks in the cup (whatever your preference is).

**WARNING:  There are MANY ways to play Tiddly Winks, and the person with memory loss might remember the rules differently.  So please, use the instructions above only as guidelines, not law.  For official Tiddly Winks rules, visit the North American Tiddly Winks Association at

To modify the game to make it easier for those in the moderate to late stages of memory loss, try using less winks or play in teams.

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