Visit a Cider Mill

It’s that time of year again!  Visiting a cider mill is a great activity that stimulates all the senses, which is great for stimulating memories and making the experience fun no matter what the individual’s cognitive functioning.    For example:

See all the people and admiring the beautiful fall foliage

Smell is stimulated by the cider, the baking donuts.

Hear the leaves crunching beneath your feet

Taste the yummy candied apples, pumpkin pies, donuts, and cider

Feel the hot mulled cider and the bumpy gourds in your hands

Any of these can be a great conversation starter, for example: How does this pie taste to compared to the ones you used to make?  What is your favorite kind of donut?  Did you have to rake the leaves growing up? Did you jump in the piles when you were done?

What questions would you ask to stimulate conversation?


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