Pass out Halloween Candy

Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I’m admitted quite biased when it comes to promoting this activity.  However, since passing out Halloween candy to the neighborhood kids is one of the highlights of my year, I can’t help but think others like it to.  This activity is great because it makes people feel useful, its social, and darn it the little ones are just super cute!  Sure, the person with memory loss might eat a piece of candy then eat another five minutes later, forgetting they had already sampled the treats, but unless they’re diabetic, one night probably won’t hurt them.  If they are diabetic, just stock special candy for them to snack on or pass out healthy snacks to the trick-or -treaters, like apples, fun-shaped erasers, chips, or quarters. 

If the person with memory loss doesn’t live near kids (such as in a senior apartment building or where the houses have a lot of space between them) invite them to your house for dinner and trick-or-treat distribution.  Again, what a great way to start conversations about Halloween’s gone by. 

Warning:  If you ask about your own childhood Halloween experiences, you might not like the answer.  I found out I peed in my borrowed monkey costume when I was two….

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