Make Paper Snowflakes

For some people with memory loss, it can get hard to keep track of the seasons.  One way to help keep track is to rotate seasonally appropriate decorations to cue the person.  Since winter is fast approaching, now is the perfect time to make and hang paper snowflakes. 

How to make paper snowflakes

1. Take a round piece of white paper or a coffee filter and fold in half, creating a 1/2 circle shape.

2. Fold the half circle into thirds, creating a triangle with a round bottom. 

3.  Cut small designs into the edges of the triangle so that you are cutting all the layers of paper at once. 

4. carefully open to reveal your snowflake.

or, for the visual learners…

Just like their water-based counterparts, no two paper snowflakes are exactly alike, so be sure to experiment with different cutouts to see how creative you can get.   Also, the larger and thinner the circle you start with, the easier the craft tends to be.  If it’s still challenging for the person with memory loss, try having them point where they would like a cut made and do it for them.  They might also be in charge of taping the finished flakes to a window.

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