Make a Rummage Box

Many caregivers notice that their loved one spends a lot of time looking for things/putting things away for safekeeping.  If this becomes bothersome (like when you can’t find the car keys for the 100th time), why not put together a box of items for the person to look through.  This box could include anything you think the person might have an interest in.  For example, for a woman it might be costume jewelry or even be a purse with a “dummy” wallet, make-up, etc.  For a man, it might be a junk drawer full of tools, hobby materials, etc.  Keeping this box in-sight and easily accessible may draw the person to look through it, rather than in other parts of the house in the first place.  If not, it can at least be a way for the caregiver to re-direct that need to search once it kicks in.

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