Go to a Museum

With winter making the weather cold and the days short, it can be easy to stay in the nice, warm comfort of home for days on end.  But as we learn more about brain health and how Alzheimer’s disease effect brain structure, we are also learning at how important it is to stay mentally active.  So warm up the car, put on your mittens, and take a trip to a local museum.  It can be Cranbrook, the Detroit Historical Museum, the DIA, or any other local spot, and take a look at some fabulous art–it’s brain medicine!  Not to mention the walking between exhibits is a nice way to get in a little exercise.  If mobility is a problem, don’t let that stop you.  Most museums have a fleet of wheelchairs to accommodate those for whom walking any distance is a challenge.  If crowds tend to make someone in your party nervous, call ahead to see what day of the week is “slow” or tends to have the fewest school groups so you can plan your trip accordingly.  You don’t have to be an art expert to go, either.  Most museums offer audio tours or docents to help explain the art. Many museums also have multiple fun facts or historical context of the art near the display. 

Think this idea is weird?  Well, it’s not my idea.  Read this story about a great program in New York.


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