Make a Dry Erase Board

This is a fun project that is also quite useful.  If the person with memory loss is having trouble remembering, many families find it helpful to create a family message center to refer the person to rather than repeating the same information.  Hopefully, this habit will “stick” and they will start looking in this spot for the daily agenda rather than asking a caregiver.  This is also a great place for multiple caregivers to communicate to each other about upcoming appointments, changing skills and needs, etc. 

To make a fun and fashionable board, you will need the following:

A large picture frame with glass

A piece of cardboard

A pretty piece of fabric




1. Cut the cardboard to fit snugly inside the picture frame

2. Wrap the cardboard in the fabric, securing the fabric to the back (wrong side) of the cardboard with tape

3. Place the cardboard between the glass and the back of the frame, with the fully covered side of the cardboard showing through the glass.

4. Secure the back of the frame, and hang the whole thing on the wall.

5. Voila!  You can now write on the glass with dry-erase board markers.  Simply use water or glass cleaner on a s towel to erase!


Helpful tips:

Use a light fabric with a simple pattern to make the board easiest to read. 

The bigger the frame, the bigger the board.

You could use scrapbook paper instead of fabric.  Just secure it to the cardboard in the same fashion.


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