Make a Family Recipe Book

As a professional, I’m probably not supposed to make generalizations, but in my family at least it’s true: the older generation cooks better and more often than the younger one.  So, if your family is like mine, a family recipe book is a great way to preserve those recipes.

Even those in the later stages of memory loss often are able to recall the ingredients to a favorite recipe.  Or, they at least they might be able to tell you where the recipe box is hiding (my family got the surprise of a lifetime when they discovered “grandma’s secret recipe” for chocolate chip cookies was just the Nestle Tollhouse recipe with twice as many chocolate chips added! ). 

In any case, getting all those recipes together (and maybe adding pictures of the family enjoying the food) and bound into a book is not only a great way to preserve family history, it also is a great winter project for someone with memory loss.  Even if they can’t remember recipes, they certainly will want to have input into what recipes are  included, or who should get the privilege of receiving a copy of the completed book!  And don’t forget, just because a recipe wasn’t invented by your family, it doesn’t mean it can’t be included.  You bet my “grandma’s secret chocolate chip cookie recipe” was included in ours!

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