Take a Soothing Bubble Bath

Now that the winter weather is starting to set in, why not turn what can be at best, just another routine chore, and at worst, the trigger for a nasty argument, into something much more pleasant?  That’s right, instead of viewing a bath or shower as a must-do, try presenting it as a special treat by making it special with bubbles, bath salts, bath “bombs” or anything else the individual might like.  To further the chances of success, try saying, “I got your bath ready like you asked,” or “I put the new bath salts you got for Christmas (or Hannukah) in the tub so you can tell everyone how they work,” rather than “you haven’t showered for weeks, so get in there! 


Of course, some of us jump at the opportunity to take a nice, relaxing soak so they’re no need to convince us to hop right in.  Still, it’s always nice to make the routine more fun.  Who knows, it might look so relaxing that you might want to leave some of the bubble bath for you to enjoy!

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