Clip Coupons

If you get the Sunday paper, you know how full they are of ads.  If you’ve ever clipped th coupons from them, you know it can add up to big savings. 

This activity, like so many others, relies on past experience to help the individual stay successful even into the moderate stages of the disease.  Don’t worry about if they clip the “right’ coupons, if they are enjoying the activity, let them clip them all, then you can sort out what you’ll use later.  The extras can be given to friends or families or in some areas, donated to food pantries, VFW Halls (coupons are generally good beyond their expiration date when used on a military base), or churches.  If you’re worried about safety, you can certainly get a pair of round tipped “safety” scissors, though that probably won’t be necessary for most individuals. 

For those in the later stages of the disease, you may have to point out the “cut here” line to ensure you get the whole coupon, but you may be surprised at how long this cost-saving skill is retained. 



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