Hang a Butterfly Feeder

Butterflies, like birds, now rely on humans to help supplement their diet.  Adding a butterfly feeder not only helps this hungry insects, but can provide hours of entertainment as you watch them feed.  However, it’s important that you place your feeder before they arrive.  Otherwise, they will find another spot elsewhere, and once a good spot is found, most butterflies won’t go looking elsewhere. 

Check out this website for up-to-date information on where the migrating monarchs are to ensure your feeder is up in time for these majestic butterflies to use. 

Feeders and food can be store bought or homemade. There are a lot of resources for both online.  Either way, hang your feeder near a window or near a favorite outdoor sitting area.  If you can plant butterfly attracting plants nearby, it will only increase the chance that you will have lots of new friends to watch this spring and summer.

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