As I’ve mentioned before, people with dementia have so much taken away from them, it’s not uncommon for them to feel frustrated that they can’t contribute to the house like they used to.  One simple chore that many people with dementia can do, especially those who like to pace the floors, is dust.  Simply give the person with dementia a rag or feather duster (new dusting products, like swiffers will likely be unfamiliar to them, and therefore not give the “cue” to dust) and let them loose on a dusty room.

For those that have trouble getting started, you may need to remind them what to do by guiding their hand over the surface to be cleaned a few times.  However, after a few seconds, muscle memory should kick in. 

Remember, even if its’ not the best dusting job in the world, it’s still good for people’s self-esteem to feel like they are contributing, so try not to do any “retouching” while the person is watching.

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