Go to a Drive-In

Nothing says nostalgia quite like a drive-in movie theatre.  Luckily for us, there is still one in the metro-Detroit area, the Ford-Wyoming Drive-In located in Dearborn, MI!  You can visit their website or call (313) 846-6910 for show information.  If you’re visiting this website from the non-metro Detroit area, check out this site to help you find other drive-ins still open in Michigan.

This is a great opportunity for reminiscing about a person with memory loss’ experiences at drive-ins as a kid.  If you’re looking for the REALLY juicy stories, as about their experiences as a teenager! 

Even if the person is in the severe stages of the disease, a drive-in movie is a nice way to get them (and you) out of the house without having to perform multiple transfers in and out of the car, and with minimal concerns about getting lost or separated from them in a crowd.

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