Play a Round of Mini-Golf

Now is the perfect time of year to enjoy a game of mini-golf.  Warm enough (hopefully!) that it’s nice to be outside, but early enough in the year that if you go during the day, you won’t have to compete with school-aged kids for access to the course. 

Mini-golf is a nice alternative for those who used to golf, but have lost either the attention span or endurance to play for that long, or the strength to drive the ball.  It’s also fun for someone who has never played golf.  In short, mini-golf is fun and pretty non-competitive.  In fact, in my family, it’s not considered cheating if you help someone elses’ ball get in, creating an often hilarious I’ll-help-you-if-you-help-me bartering system.

If the game is still too stressful, hard, or annoying for the person with memory loss, you can always designate them the “caddy” and have them record scores.  You can also sit on a bench and watch other’s play, perhaps adding some PGA-style commentary.

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