Fly a Kite


Not just for children (and Mary Poppins!), kites are fun for everyone.  You can buy a pre-made one at just about any drug or dollar store, or you can go fancy and get a more complicated kit at a hobby shop.  No matter what you choose to fly, the winds lately are sure to get it off the ground.  For those with limited upper body strength or the stamina to tug and pull (not to mention run to get it off the ground), they will surely enjoy watching a helper fly the kite.  Heck, if you don’t want to buy a kite yourself, I’m sure if you go to a local park or playground you’ll see at least a few people flying kites who would be happy to have an appreciative audience.    Who knows, you might even see something besides the usual diamond or triangle shape in the sky, like this amazing flying contraption below….


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