Read Reader’s Digest

Of all the magazines in the world, why did I mention this one by name?  It’s not because I know someone who works there, or even that they’ve published one of my jokes (I’d have to send one in first).  No, it’s because it’s format is just so nice for those with dementia.  Most stories are quite short, the subject matter is generally cheery, and the font is decent sized.  Of course, lots of magazines have shorter stories, so please don’t feel like you shouldn’t give another publication a try, especially if the person with memory loss always subscribed to a particular publication.  If reading comprehension is a challenge, you can always read out loud to the person.  If a whole article is too long to keep their attention, try reading something shorter, like the jokes.  If nothing else, look at the pictures (even the ads!) and see what conversation that sparks.

Oh, and one last thing.  A subscription to a magazine you think the person with memory loss might enjoy is a great gift.  It encourages mental stimulation without being to “brain health-y”, which some people dislike.


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