Go to an Ice Cream Shop


Bonus points if its got an “old time-y” feel to it.  Before I moved, I lived in a tiny town that still had a soda fountain at the back of the pharmacy and boy, did it make the best malts! 

Even if you don’t have an old-fashioned swivel bar stool to sit on, going to the ice cream shop is a fun way not only to beat the heat, but to open up conversations about the past.  What was served? Who served it?  Did you go with your family or with your friends, looking for cute guys and girls? What did you wear (did anyone really wear poodle skirts)?  How much did it cost? 

For those that are diabetic, there is usually a sugar-free option, or just keep the portions small.  Maybe a diet coke with a small bit of ice cream to make it a float? 



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