Use Lace and Trace Sets


These fun, brightly colored pieces are great for those in the moderate stages of the disease who enjoyed sewing, or even those who just like to keep their hands busy.  Their sturdy construction (they’re generally made of wood or heavy-duty plastic) and pre-made holes can be laced in any manner you can imagine.  And, as they generally come with string with a hard plastic end, much like a shoelace, you can “sew” without a needle to thread or lose.  The large holes are easy for aging eyes to see, as is the bright contrast between the shape and the lace.  They are easily un-sewn by the caregiver to be used again and again!If/when sewing gets boring you can then use them to trace the shapes onto paper. 

These sets are usually available at your local teacher’s store, toy store, or, of course, online. 




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