Go for a Boat Ride

I realize, of course, that the above picture doesn’t prominently feature a boat.  However, doesn’t the view of the water make you want to be on a boat?  If so, you’re in luck, because going boating can be a ton of fun for a person with dementia.  There is lots of look at, the motion of the boat is soothing, (assuming you’re not on a speed boat), it can trigger old memories, and is a nice break from the daily routine. 

Now, for the caveats.  Of course, don’t bring someone with a lifelong fear of water on a boat.  That would be silly.  Things like paddle boats, kayaks, canoes, or other small, easily tipped boats should probably be avoided unless the person is in the early stages and has the physical strength to power it.  Slower, bigger boats are best for those with achy joints (they’re less jarring), for those who need to get up and move, or for those with mobility issues (they’re easiest to get on and off).  A pontoon boat, such as Kensington’s Island Queen II is, in my mind, ideal.  Even better, it’s only $5 for adults and $3 for seniors for an approximately 45 minute ride!  The Island Queen II runs daily from noon to 6pm from Memorial Day to Labor Day.


  1. jlhede said

    What a wonderful idea!

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