Water the Garden


As Summer heats up, that means more time spent keeping your plants alive through generous watering, so why not let the person with memory loss help?  As I’ve said before, being able to contribute is very important to most people well into the disease, and watering is  a “fun” chore with few risks.  If the person under waters, you can always come back later and give the plants an extra soaking.  Better yet, have the person with memory loss water them again! 

Those in the later stages of the disease might need your supervision to ensure success.  Or, you may find that you need to do some steps to keep frustration at bay.  However, whether the person can fill up the watering can, pour the water on the plants, or just sit and watch while you do it, there are lots of opportunities to reminisce.  Some sample topics:

  • What did you grow in your garden when you were younger? 
  • Do you prefer to grow vegetables or flowers?  Why? 
  • What is your favorite flower or vegetable? Your least favorite?

Even those who can no longer communicate verbally can enjoy sitting in the sunshine and smelling the flowers and plants (I especially love the smell of tomato plants).  Be sure to involve them by brining things over for them to smell, or, if you lucky enough to have extra flowers for cutting or veggies to pick, let them hold them while you work. 


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