Play Velcro Catch


Velcro catch is exactly what it sounds and looks like.  You and your partner both strap a disc on your non-dominant hand (the one you would wear a baseball glove on) and take turns throwing the ball at each other,”catching” it with the disc.  The disc is covered with the hook part of hook and loop tape (aka velcro) and the fuzz on the tennis ball sticks easily.

This is a nice variation on regular catch because

1. “catching” is easier because you just have to move your hand in the bath of the ball, eliminating the need to close your hand quickly, which can be hard as motor speed decreases. 

2.  The disc is much lighter than a mit, and stays secure on your hand with a strap on the back. 

3. The bright ball makes it easier to track in the air the air than a white baseball. 

4. The ball is lightweight and therefore can’t go as far, making it easier to retrieve any wild pitches. 

For those in the severe stages of the disease, they may only be able to throw or catch the ball, and that’s okay.  If they are having trouble catching, simply had someone help guide their hand into the path of the ball.  If they can only throw, simply hand them the ball and let them be the pitcher and you the catcher. 


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