Sort Baseball Cards

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Baseball cards are one of those fun items from our childhood that some of us never stop enjoying.  For a gentleman (or lady, of course) with Alzheimer’s disease, sorting cards is not only a soothing, rewarding activity and way to reminisce,  it might also be a way to riches if you find the right card!   Collectors in the early stages of the disease may find pleasure in just rummaging through old shoeboxes, placing cards in special sleeves designed to help preserve the cards, or even doing some research online on the value of the cards.

Those in the moderate stages may find just sorting and re-sorting them fun.  You can group them by year, by team, by your “favorites”  your “dream team” or any other combination you can think of.  If you’re worried about damaging valuable cards, just have someone knowledge pick those ones out first.  If you don’t already have some old cards lying around, don’t worry; they are frequently sold at garage sales. 

Those in the severe stages might like just holding the cards and reminiscing about favorite players, maybe their own experiences in little league, or going to watch a pro team.  Maybe you’ll help jog their memory by singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” and eating peanuts and popcorn!




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