Play with a Pin Art Box

These fun toys are composed of hundreds of blunt “pins” or “nails”, for lack of a better descriptor, that can be moved to create fun shapes and designs.  Simply press an object (including a part of you!) into the multitude of blunt pins, and you  will create a 3D replica  with all the subtleties of the object intact.  The impression will remain intact as long as the box is kept still, but the real fun of this toy is the  peculiar sensation of the pins and the faint, shuffling  sounds as they move, make this much more fun as a  fiddle toy then as a lasting piece of art.

This type of toy is great for people in the moderate to severe stages of memory loss.  It’s very intuitive to use, so little instruction in necessary, and its endless ability to be shaped and re-shaped (and quickly) makes it a very durable toy that is perfectly suited for those who like to keep their hands busy.  Best of all, they are relatively inexpensive (about $15.00 last I checked) and can be found at any toy store, “mart” store, on-line, etc.



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