Have a Tasting Party

Photo Courtesy of Herrsstore.com

I got the idea for this when I went to the grocery store this week, though in reality I’ve done it with people with memory loss many times before.  Basically, you get a few food items, such as different types of apples, pies, pop, jelly, what have you, and have a tasting party, like a wine tasting, but with less spitting.  Then you chat about what you liked best/worst and why.  It’s lots of fun, I promise, especially if you like to eat, like I do.  However, when I went to the store this week I saw all of these crazy flavors of chips: pizza, texas barbecue, hot dog, sweet corn, and Old Bay seasoning. They gave me an idea.  Wouldn’t it be fun to have a blind tasting and have people guess what flavor the chip company was going for?

This activity is great for people with memory loss, especially those in the moderate or later stages of the disease because it stimulates the senses, which are well-preserved.  It may also bring up memories of past meals or experiences (can anyone taste Old Bay seasoning without thinking of a crab boil?).  If the flavors are too hard to guess, you can always give clues, or have the flavors set out and have the person match the chip with its flavor, rather than having to guess out of thin air.

Again, this activity could easily be modified for use with candy (extra points if it’s old-timey candy from the person’s youth), jam, or any number of other foods.  The sky’s the limit!


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