Listen to an Old Radio Broadcast

Thank goodness for the internet.  Ignoring the way it’s revolutionized academics, medicine, and politics, its greatest accomplishment has been changing the way we entertain ourselves.  Lucky for us, not only new content, but lots of old as well is now available for our viewing or listening pleasure, any time.  Those with memory loss might still be able to learn the new characters and plots of current shows, but if they can’t, or even if they just want to visit with some old friends, the power of the internet can bring old shows back on the air.  You can either visit one of the many websites that stream old radio programing or go to youtube and type in the name of the show (sometimes you’ll have to add “radio show” to the end.  For example, if you want to listen to an old Abbott and Costello broadcast, you’ll have to type in “Abbott and Costello radio show,” otherwise you’ll get clips from the TV show).  Ask the person with memory loss what their favorite radio program is, or use the suggestions below to help you get started. 

Abbott and Costello

Amos and Andy

The Bob Hope Show

The Falcon

The Green Hornet


Little Orphan Annie

Red Ryder


This is a great activity for reminiscing.  Many people have strong memories tied to their old favorite shows, just like Ralphie in “A Christmas Story”.  Be sure to ask what they remember best about the show, why it was there favorite, who they watched it with, when they watched it, etc. 

Note: Some people with moderate memory loss might find it unsettling to see that the sound is coming from the computer, which has a picture, and not from the radio.  If that’s the case, just turn the monitor off or even place a radio near the computer speaker to disguise where the sound is coming from.

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