Sort Junk Mail


Sorting the mail is one of those daily activities that is so ingrained, many people with dementia continue to look forward to a visit from the postman or often worry that they are missing important bills, even if they haven’t been handling nay financial matters for years.  If you know someone like this, they may enjoy spending time sorting through the “junk” mail (after you’ve removed anything important that shouldn’t be lost).  Some people with memory loss like to actually open and read it, while others are content to just sift through it/file it for later.  Either way, it can be an enjoyable way for them to spend some time, whether minutes or even hours, because handling mail is a familiar ritual that doesn’t feel like an activity, but rather a household task.  This feeling of helping out can be very important to those with memory loss, who may feel as if all of their responsibilities have ben taken from them, leaving them as only receivers of help, not helpers–a shift in self-image that is difficult for many.  As for caregivers, this activity is great because it doesn’t require any special materials or even a trip to the store to prepare.



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