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Trivia games can be fun-as long as the questions are within the person’s ability to answer.  To ensure this, especially for those in the moderate stages, be sure the trivia relies on long-term memory to answer, as this type of memory is generally preserved longer than – memory.  Not only is this a fun way to pass the time, us young-ins often learn a thing or two about the past and great ideas of questions for reminiscing.  Good places to find online trivia are:

Suddenly Senior  probably the “easiest” trivia options

Cleveland Seniors-Trivia and Brain Games More challenging trivia and other brain games.  probably best for those in the early stages.


Of course, there are also a ton of trivia books specifically designed for older adults/those with memory loss a few examples are:

Enduring Press Trivia Books

12 Months of Senior Trivia


Again, just make sure that the questions are finely tuned to not be so hard that they’re frustrating, but not so easy that they’re insulting.  It can be fun to create “teams” to compete against each other, or take turns quizzing each other if there are only two people, so it feels more like a game and less like a “brain exercise”.  That being said, it is thought that stimulating activities (of any kind, not just trivia) is good for the brain, so if you think presenting the activity as “exercise for the brain” would make it more appealing to the individual with memory loss, go right ahead!

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