Make Popcorn Garland

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Yes. You can buy artificial popcorn garland that will last forever and take a lot less time to make.  However, that’s not the point of this blog, now is it?  The point of this blog is to keep people content and entertained, and in my world, nothing is more fun is a craft I can eat while doing.  So grab some heavy thread (like button thread or hand-quilting thread) or dental floss (any flavor, your choice), a large needle (it doesn’t have to be super sharp), some air-popped popcorn, and if you like, a thimble, and start stringing.

Hints for success:

1. Shorter lengths of thread are easier than long ones, so don’t be afraid to work on small sections of thread and tie them together at the end.  Trust me, no one will ever be able to tell the difference.  Three feet is generally short enough to be manageable, but long enough that you’re not stopping and starting every 5 seconds.

2.  Non-buttered popcorn is essential here!  Buttered popcorn will get you (and the rest of your workspace) greasy, and greasy fingers slip! Not to mention the fat in the butter will go rancid and smell/mold much faster than its non-buttered counterpart.

3. Don’t worry if more popcorn goes in the person’s mouth than on the string.  It’s not buttered (right?) so it’s actually pretty healthy.  Besides, the point is to have fun, not to crank out garland like you’re an indentured servant.

4. Those in the moderate stages should be able to string the popcorn after you help demonstrate with a few kernels.  But don’t be surprised if they get sidetracked and need a reminder now and again.

5. Even those in the late stages may be able to slowly thread on a few kernels, or hand you/the thead-er kernels.

6. Use this activity to talk about family traditions/holiday’s past.

7.  Kids are also great helpers/co-threaders. Maybe give the person with memory loss and a grandchild/great-grandchild each an end of the same thread.  See who can fill their half first (but only if everyone involved can handle the friendly competition.  Remember, fun is the most important thing here).

8.  You can alternate cranberries and popcorn on the garland in any pattern you want, but be warned cranberries are a lot harder to thread than popcorn,  aren’t very tasty raw, and remembering the pattern can be tricky/frustrating, so be sure to monitor to make sure everything goes smoothly.

And for those of you who think popcorn garland is cheesy, take a look at this beautiful tree!  And yes, the garland is REAL popcorn and cranberries!

Photo courtesy of


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