Make Gift Tags from Recycled Holiday Cards


This is actually a trick I learned from my great-grandmother, though judging by the attention this quick craft is getting on etsy and pinterest, it’s once again cool to be resourceful. The craft is delightfully easy, and may even be memorable for those who lived through the depression and lived their life by the motto “waste not, want not.”

But enough introduction. All you do is take your holiday cards (once you’re done admiring them, of course) and either cut around the photo to make a tag-sided thing, then punch a hole in the top. If you want to be a bit fancier/like your tags to be traditionally tag-shaped, you can buy a punch like the one above and simply center it around the photo and punch it out that way. However you cut it, the next step is to tie on a pretty piece of old ribbon or string and you’re done!

Helpful hints:
If the hole punch is to hard on arthritic fingers, you can always trace the shape of a tag, and cut it out that way instead.

If you’re worried that the picture won’t make sense if cropped, you can make tags out of pretty wrapping paper with a small pattern that’s been glued to card stock for added heft (glue stick or rubber cement works best for this).

People with mild memory loss should be able to do this independently. Those with more moderate memory loss may need an assistant to help keep them on track. They might also do better doing just one step on repeat (such as punching out everything, then tying on ribbon, rather than switching back and forth between the tasks).

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