Answer Brain Quest Trivia


I’ve written about answering trivia before, so I’ll be brief. I just found my old Brain Quest Trivia cards while I was doing some early spring cleaning and thought that they would be great for people with memory loss and their care partners. The questions are written so the answers are on the back, so someone in the early stages could play by themselves. Or, of course, you can always take turns answering and asking questions. These trivia cards are organized either by subject, such “Presidents” or “AMerican History” as in the picture above, or by grade/age with multiple topics in each set. Those with more moderate dementia will probably find the younger sets easier than the older ones (seriously, some of those questions are HARD). Or, of course, if they’ve always been particularly interested in a certain topic that the company happens to make specialty set on, by all means get that instead. Just remember, the point isn’t to drill information into anyone’s memory, but rather to have fun and stimulate the brain by finding answers that are already in there.

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