Play Yahtzee


Yahtzee is a fun party game that is probably familiar to many of you, as well as many people with early to mid-stage memory loss. However, if it’s not, or if it’s just been a while, feel free to take a peek at the game’s simple instructions/rules here. Because the game relies on a fair bit of luck, and you don’t have to hide your hand like you do in card games, it is really easy to give some natural and unobtrusive help to any players that might need it. That help might take the form of reminding them which combination they still need, helping them decide which dice to keep and which to re-roll, or helping enter their score on their score sheet. For those in the moderate stages of the disease, this game also works well as a “team” game, with the person with memory loss rolling and their teammate deciding what should be keep vs. re-rolled.

I’ve also worked in long-term care facilities where they played a modified version of Yahtzee. Everyone got a sheet a paper with the numbers 1-6 printed on it (in large font, of course). They took turns rolling a di, and marked off the number they rolled. The first person to roll all six numbers first, won. You could also modify regular Yahtzee by reducing the number of turns each person gets, or eliminating some of the “hands” your rolling for.

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