Play Bunco


According to my sources on the internet/at my local senior center, Bunco was very popular both during the depression and oversees during the war because all you needed to play was three dice, some paper, and a pencil. If you’ve never heard of Bunco, or if you’re a bit foggy on the details, take a moment and learn how to play here. Bunco is generally played in teams of two, but in my opinion there is really no reason that you couldn’t play without a teammate if you only have an odd number or if only two people want to play.

Like Yahtzee, this is a great game for both teams and unobtrusive help, because it relies mainly on luck, rather than skill, and everyone naturally knows what everyone else is rolling for, so reminders can easily be disguised as encouragement.

Oh, a helpful tip for those with poor vision-try using large novelty dice (like the fuzzy dice you would hang in your rear view mirror, but without the cord connecting them) to make reading your roll easier.

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