Make Bird “Cookies”


No, this post is not about making cookies out of birds or making sugar cookies into bird shapes. It’s about making treats for our feathered friends. The recipe is super simple. Just mix 1/3 cup (unflavored) gelatin and 1-1/2 cups water together in a pan over low heat. Stir until the gelatin is completely dissolved and the water is clear. Remove the water from the heat and add 8 cups of birdseed (either use a big stock pot or put the birdseed in a large bowl and pour the water into it). Stir until all the birdseed is wet and everything is well mixed. Now the fun part. You can use this mixture to create any size or shaped “cookie” you want. Place it in a greased bunt pan to make a big wreath. Fill greased muffin tins to make little biscuits. Or, my favorite, line a cookie sheet with waxed paper and place cookie cutters on top. Spoon the mixture into the cookie cutter. No matter how you go about it, make sure you pack the seed tightly so it won’t crumble when you try to remove it. Also, be sure to have a plan for how to hang the finished product up outside. I like to place a piece of cut up straw in my form, which leaves a space to tie a string through later. You’ll have to let the “cookies” chill for 2-6 hours (depending on the size of the “cookie” either in the fridge or in a cold garage. Then, remove them from the mold and let dry for a few days before adding a piece of string and hanging outside for the birds to enjoy!

Those with mild disease should able to do this fairly independently. Of course, those with more moderate stages of the disease should be supervised when using the stove/handling hot liquids and will likely need someone to guide them through the multiple steps. Those in the late stages of the disease may be able to help stir, or pick out the shapes to use, or perhaps even pick out the cookie cutters to use. Of course, everyone can enjoy watching the birds feed, so be sure to hang them near a window.

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