Play the Dice Game “Golf”


For those of us stuck inside during a long, cold winter, why not play a game of golf-using dice.

You’ll need:
three dice
a piece of paper for a score sheet
a pen or pencil

How to play:
Each player rolls the three dice (all at once) repeatedly until he rolls a double. Each roll that is not a double counts as a stroke and is tallied under the player’s name on the score sheet. Once the player rolls a double, it counts as the hole and he passes the dice to the next player (Some people play that if you roll a three-of-a-kind, it counts as a birdie and you can subtract a point, but this optional).

Players may choose to play 9 or 18 rounds, or holes, of golf .

At the end of the game, the number of strokes are tallied for each player and the player with the lowest number wins.

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