Use a Knitting Loom


Also known as crochet looms, these nifty devices make yarn crafts easier than when done with traditional knitting needles. The loom helps hold the shape, keeps track of what stitch you’re one, keeps the yarn from sliding off when you put it down, and depending on the size, is easier for those with arthritis. It’s super simple to learn, as evidenced by this quick tutorial on getting started, below.

The looms come in different shapes and depending on how adventurous your feeling, you make anything form simple scarves and hats to more complex projects like sweaters, socks, etc. You can even learn to make different “stitches” or patterns in the yarn. For those with memory loss, simpler is definitely better. Those in the early stages of the disease should be able to master the basics with only minimal help. Those in the more moderate stages will need someone to help them with each step, but may be able to “knit” multiple rows on their own once the initial set up is complete. The best part is, if you mess up, it’s super easy to undo the damage and start again!

When you get good, you’ll find that you can finish multiple projects in a week, so be sure to keep in mind what you’ll do with all your potential creations. Some people donate their extra hats and scarves to homeless shelters, churches or schools. Some hospitals accept donations for newborn hats or blankets. This altruistic angle is a great motivator for lots of people with memory loss who often have a strong desire to help others and feel like they still have something to contribute. Therefore, don’t be afraid to mention it if the person is hesitant to try something new.

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