Make Whipped Cream

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This activity is great for people with memory loss because it’s essentially one (maybe two) steps, so you can pretty much start them off, then let them finish on their own, giving them a sense of accomplishment. Even better, everyone can enjoy the delicious result!

You’ll need:
A chilled bowl
A whisk
Heavy whipping cream
Powdered sugar

The process:
Pour the chilled cream into the chilled bowl (1 cup cream equals about 2 cups of whipped cream)
Whisk until starting to thicken, but not quick “stiff”. Add about 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar for each cup of cream (adjust for taste as desired)
Keep whipping until you like the consistency.

**Note, you can use regular sugar instead. Powdered sugar just dissolves faster. I also sometimes cheat and put the sugar in immediately and I don’t notice any terrible consequences, but most recipes tell you to wait until the cream has thickened a bit.)

Of course, it would be a lot faster to do this with an electric mixer, but using a whisk has the benefit of keeping the person engaged longer.

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