Play Pictionary


Pictionary is a fun game similar to charades, only instead of acting out the clue, you draw it! You can certainly buy the standard board game (for those in the early stages of dementia) or Pictionary Junior (which is designed for a younger audience may be better for those in the more moderate stages of the disease). However, you can also make your own version using only a pad of paper, a pencil, and your imagination! It might help those with later-stage memory loss to have some ideas of what to draw, but you could easily do that by writing down some suggestions on 3×5 notecards. If you do choose to use the official game board, you might find that eliminating the timer makes the game less stressful and more fun. This game is designed for two teams of at least two players each, so it’s a good choice for family gatherings. The team aspect is great because it allows the person with memory loss to have natural help during the game. Plus, they can contribute in a way that feels most comfortable: drawing, guessing, or both!

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