Google Earth/Street View a Memorable Location


Thanks to technology, the world is getting smaller. So why not take advantage of that and take a trip down memory lane-literally! Simply go to and type in the address or approximate location of a place from your past and hit enter. Once the map comes up, hit the tiny orange man on the screen to be taken to a “street view” of the address (I searched for the home I grew up in and got the picture at the top of this post). Or, you can download google earth here and simply click the map to be transported to anyplace in the world, no address required!

Search Ideas:
Past homes
Schools attended
Old hang outs (restaurants, church, work, etc)
Famous landmarks (the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, etc)
Favorite vacation spots
Homes of relatives or friends

This activity is a great way to start reminiscing, as it naturally lends itself to comparing the past and future, remembering why each location was important to the individual, the people who s/he knew at each place, etc.

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