Play Go Fish


This simple card game of your youth is great for people with memory loss for the reasons that, I’m sure, you’re tired of reading about. It’s stored in your long-term memory, which is generally better-preserved; it’s short, so it can keep an individual’s attention; and it’s easily modified for increasing impairment. For those with more impairment, you can play the game with “teams” or even have everyone lay their cards face up in front of them rather than keeping their hand hidden (this allows their opponent to help make suggestions as to what they should ask for). You can also play with 1/2 a deck of regular cards (Example, use only 2 suits or only use the numbered cards), which makes it easier. Or use a speciality deck of cards designed exclusively for go fish, like the one below, which often are smaller decks to begin with and may have easier-to-distinguish differences between the cards. Again, like the one below, which has different colored fish rather than numbered cards.

go fish<

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