Sort Sewing Items

sewing kit

Rummaging through a sewing box can be a fun way to reminisce for those with moderate to severe dementia, particularly if the person used to be an avid sewer. The individual can just look at all the different items, or perhaps try and organize the items by type or color.

Things to include:
pin cushion
seam ripper
scraps of fabric
lace or other trims
measuring tape

The buttons could be sorted by size, number of holes, color, whether they are pretty or ugly, etc. The fabric could be folded, sorted by color or type, or just felt to enjoy the different textures. You could even “match” buttons, fabric, and zippers together by color. Someone with good fine motor skills might enjoy putting pins in a pin cushion (quilt pins with large heads may be easier than dress maker’s pins with the flat metal heads).

Questions to start conversations might be:
What would you make with this fabric?
What types of things did you like to sew?
Did you sew by hand or on a machine?
What is the hardest thing you ever sewed?
What is this? How is it used?

Note: Always be careful if you think the person might put small objects in their mouth or if you’re concerned that they might not handle sharp objects like pins or scissors safely.

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