Play Horseshoes


Horseshoes is a fun summer game that relies on our old friend here at the activity blog, long-term memory. However, even if the game is new to the person with memory loss, the simple rules are easy to remember (or repeat as necessary) so fun can still be had. I recommend using rubber horseshoes and portable mats, just because I think they seem like the would hurt less if you hit by one (even though they would still smart–they’re still heavy) and you don’t have to worry about pounding stakes in the ground/not seeing them and tripping over them. However, that’s just my preference.

You’ll need: 4 horseshoes, 2 stakes.

Generally, the two stakes are placed 40 feet apart. Men usually throw, or “pitch” from a line two feet from the stake they are not pitching from (aka 38 feet away from the stake they are aiming for). Women generally pitch from 27 feet from the stake they are aiming for, but feel free to change the distance to whatever works best for you. I certainly won’t tell anyone!

To play, a player from the starting team throws their two horseshoes, then a player from the second team throws their two horseshoes (both are thrown at the same stake). Once finished, count up your points. Like always, there are lots of different ways to score, but officially, you award 1 point for each horseshoe within 6 inches of the stake and 3 points for each horseshoe for each “ringer” or horseshoe that encircles the stake. However, some people award 2 points if the horse shoe is touching the stake, but not encircling it.

For the next round, the teams throw the horseshoes at the other stake, and score as above.

The game ends either after 40 throws are over, or as soon as a team hits 40 points, depending on how you play. Of course, you can alter those goal numbers as well to suit your needs.

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