Record or Listen to a Recordable Book

grandma's story

This is really two activities in one post, so bear with me. As you may already be familiar with, there is a new trend out there for recordable story books, generally aimed towards kids, in which a family member can read the words to a story, which the book records, then plays back. The pages are recorded separately, and the books plays each page after it is turned. It’s a great way for kids to hear the voice of a loved one who is far way (or even give mom and dad a break from having to read the same book for the 500th time!), but now there are options for older adults as well. For example, the book in the picture at the top of this post is meant to be recorded by a grandma and sent to a grandchild to tell them about their life. Certainly, a person with early stage memory loss might like doing that, or perhaps recording it and saving it for themselves for later in the disease. However, it could just as easily be recorded by a family member about the person with memory loss to help jog old memories.

There is also an option, below, in which a grandchild can record their memories about their grandparent. This may be a way to help the person with memory loss jog their memory about the grandchild. Or, if the person has more advanced memory loss, they might just enjoy hearing the child’s voice.

grandpa is special

Finally, you there are some story books that aren’t too “childish” that a person with memory loss might enjoy “reading”, such as this classic Christmas story.

recordable story book

I found the first two books at, however, toy stores, Hallmark, and of course, various online retailors should sell a version as well.

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